Customer Success Stories

Prime Broker Finds Qualified Prospects

It's not about knowing everyone in the industry, it's about pinpointing exactly who needs your services. This prime broker uses PredictiveOps to find and track every hedge fund that is single-primed with less credit-worthy firms.

Administrator Finds Undiscovered Funds

The highest growth area for fund admins is in private equity. With PredictiveOps, this administrator generates a daily list of every private equity fund manager and fund with over $50M, that doesn't currently have a third-party administrator.

A Law Firm Discovers New Clients by Need

The best time to pitch a new client is when they enter a new line of business. This law firm uses PredictiveOps to find every manager that registers as a CPO/CTA for the first time.

Auditor Identifies The Best Target Funds

Investors in small funds don't need a name brand auditor. This mid-market auditor uses PredictiveOps to generate a list of every small hedge fund currently being serviced by a "Big Four" auditor.

Pension Consultant Enhances Client Service

A large, established pension consultant uses the PredictiveOps API to create better investor reports for their clients and to track changes and risks their competitors can't see.

IT Vendor Finds Cloud-Friendly Customers

One IT vendor uses PredictiveOps to discover managers that already use cloud IT infrastructure like AWS or Google Cloud.

Insurance Firm Personalizes Outreach

Insurance is hard to buy and harder to sell. This insurance firm uses PredictiveOps to pre-identify managers with insurable risks for more personalized outreach.

PR Firm Finds Clients in Crisis

Every risk is an opportunity. This PR Firm uses PredictiveOps to find advisers the moment they first file a negative, public disclosure.

HF Platform Monitors Form ADV Updates

Platform operators struggle to keep up with manager disclosures. This platform operator uses PredictiveOps to track real-time form ADV updates from their platform advisers.

Fund Marketer Finds Qualified Customers

Finding fund managers that are open to hiring a marketer can be time consuming. One third-party marketer uses PredictiveOps to find every hedge fund adviser that pays referral fees and is actively marketing.

Compliance Consultant Finds New Prospects

Managers typically need a compliance expert when they move from state to federal registration. This compliance consultant uses PredictiveOps to find every state registered hedge fund adviser with $10M or more in AUM.

Publisher Discovers Hidden Stories

News stories are buried in hard-to-reach public disclosures. This publisher uses PredictiveOps to report important changes and disclosures before anyone else