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Q. What is DisclosureTrack?

A. DisclosureTrack is a stand-alone web-based application that automatically finds, stores and allows you to download structured operational and legal terms about investment advisers by reviewing publicly available regulatory disclosures.

Q. What disclosures are tracked by DisclosureTrack?

A. DisclosureTrack currently tracks daily updates to Form ADV Part 1A and some Part 2 data for SEC Registered Investment Advisers, Exempt Reporting Advisers and any U.S. State Registered Adviser. Additional disclosures will be included with future updates.

Q. Why do I need DisclosureTrack?

A. DisclosureTrack is useful for most allocators, consultants and fund-of-funds that are responsible for selecting and diligencing investment advisers to manage their investment programs. DisclosureTrack can also be used as a sales and information gathering tool for vendors, service providers, accounting firms and director services firms that do business with investment advisers.

Q. Where is Predictive located?

A. Predictive Inc. is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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